Role Spotlights

At Quinn Evans, our One Firm is made up of an extraordinary team of architects, designers, and more from across the country.

Stephanie Austin

Landscape Architect

“As a landscape architect, we design spaces within the landscape beyond just buildings or structures. My job is really focused on historic and cultural landscapes that are associated with not only historical events, but living cultural groups.”

Charles Sparkman


“As architects, we are responsible to facilitate our clients, communities, and building industry partners' approach to architecture as a profound act of optimism. Through the act of conceiving—and constructing—the built environment sustainably and responsibly, we restore our commitment to our communities and to the world.”

Aurora Smith


On Architecture: “It’s a responsibility, both to people/building users in the immediate sense to provide functional, comfortable, and equitable spaces and as an imperative/responsibility to the future to build responsibly and protect our planet.”

Byronae Lewis

Staff Designer

“I think it is nice that my interests are still growing. [Quinn Evans] introduced me to all the accreditations I could get, different avenues I could take, and gave me access to those projects. We will see where I am 3 years from now!”