Moving architecture forward as a woman-led company

This post is part of a series we'll be featuring about the perspectives at Quinn Evans and how they shape our approach to projects and how we deliver value for clients.

Quinn Evans is a women-led company, which gives us a unique perspective in the architecture space. And our team values this unique approach to architecture too.

Kemba Braynon, AIA, NOMA, says “This is the first time that I felt as though I was part of creating something that was bigger than just me.”

To her, Quinn Evans is moving the industry forward by dismantling traditional architectural hierarchies related to diversity and gender equality.

Quinn Evans is also pushing back against the biases that are inherent to the industry.

“There are assumptions that male architects are better at enclosures or the more technical aspects of the profession,” says Quinn Evans Architect Aurora Smith, AIA, LEED BD+C. “Women are sometimes relegated to interiors and picking colors. I hope that this next step forward for Quinn Evans helps us to continually challenge these assumptions and biases.”

Being a women-led company lets Quinn Evans provide a unique perspective and also a balance. Architect Chris Lattimer, RA, Fitwel Amb., sees “a lot more focus on emotional wellbeing and daily life for those in the firm with a family.”

Carolina Uechi, AIA, is inspired by this female leadership.

“We can celebrate our true diversity, with gender being one aspect of that diversity, in the most meaningful way, which is to acknowledge and elevate the contributions made by women leaders in the firm.”

What comes next?

We are looking forward to sharing more about the people and perspectives at Quinn Evans. In the coming months, you can expect articles about:

  • Curiosity and creativity in architecture and how it helps define the spirit of One Firm
  • The value of diversity in architecture and how Quinn Evans cultivates a diversity of voices and experiences to maximize success.

Join us as we dive deeper into these topics and more!