One Vision. One Promise. One Firm.

This post is part of a series we'll be featuring about the perspectives at Quinn Evans and how they shape our approach to projects and how we deliver value for clients.

Since 1984, Quinn Evans has maintained a commitment to looking forward, advancing sustainable design, and unlocking the potential of existing buildings. This commitment has led to an innovative and rewarding way of working for all of our people and today, we have a collaborative, multi-faceted team with six offices, a national impact, and a shared vision of helping places and people thrive.

As our team continues to grow and make a larger impact all across the country, we continue to embrace the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view that each of us brings to the company.

We are architects, interpreters, and creators of possibilities. We are designers, preservationists, and community builders. We lift up talent and move our industry forward. We are all different and we come together united by purpose under a shared vision and a shared promise.

We are One Firm.

What does One Firm mean to us?

We asked team members to discuss what One Firm means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

“One Firm means to me that there are so many unifying principles across all the offices of QE. The principles of sustainability, purpose, and imagination transcend the distance between individual offices.”

-Alexandra Jones, Marketing Coordinator

“One Firm means that the various offices work collaboratively to cross pollinate on ideas and expertise, always with the goal of making better architecture and sharing professional camaraderie or fellowship along the way.”

-Carolina Uechi, AIA

“One Firm is a shared commitment—and mutual responsibility—across all Quinn Evans staff to uphold and advance the principles of the Firm within the office and in our projects. Our principles (design agenda, design culture, commitments to sustainability, etc.) connect us despite geographical distance.”

-Charles Sparkman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

“Across the entire firm we have a wide variety of experts to engage with in our projects. This model allows us to showcase the diversity of perspectives and experiences we have across the firm, allowing each of us to grow in our particular interest areas and be a leader and resource for others.”

-Chris Lattimer, RA, Fitwel Amb., Architect

“One Firm indicates a commitment… to better balance the relative importance of the work and its various offices to avoid any one or any thing from being “the most important”.”

-Devan Anderson, AIA, Senior Architect

“We have a collaborative team, we’re working with both architects and landscape architects, campus planners… other specialties. It is a back-and-forth. Once it is embraced, it is really beneficial to the end result of the project.”

-Erin Carver, CID, IIDA, Interior Designer

“It allows us to better serve our clients, because we recognize our individual differences and understand how to use those different perspectives and that variety of expertise to bring a rich and multi-layered approach to design and problem-solving.”

-Jennifer Henriksen, AIA, Principal

What comes next?

We are looking forward to sharing more about the people and perspectives at Quinn Evans. In the coming months, you can expect articles about:

  • How Quinn Evans being woman-led delivers value not only for clients but for the industry in general
  • Curiosity and creativity in architecture and how it helps define the spirit of One Firm
  • The value of diversity in architecture and how Quinn Evans cultivates a diversity of voices and experiences to maximize success.

Join us as we dive deeper into these topics and more!